My work centres around telling stories about science, technology, culture and business (and how they all intersect).

I am a features writer, a podcaster, a presenter, a producer, a scriptwriter, and a copywriter.

Check out some of my work below, and get in touch here if you'd like to chat.



I write about science (e.g. biotech, space, energy & environment, health), technology (e.g. blockchain, AI, quantum computing, VR & AR)academia (e.g. peer review, publishing, research culture, future of work, labtools), and how culture intersects with all of the above

I am a features writer, I do branded editorial, and I write scripts.



I am Co-Founder, Co-Host and Producer of Science: Disrupt - an interview-based podcast on science innovation and entrepreneurship.

In February 2019, I was a guest on Invested Investor talking about scouting for deep tech and science start-ups.

At the Thought For Food Global Summit, I hosted their podcast in front of a live audience.

I also produced and hosted Future Makers, a short-form branded audio mini-series of interviews with Siemens employees across the globe.



I am an interviewer, presenter, speaker and host for video, live events, and documentaries.

Topics I have presented on are science, technology, business, startups, marketing, academia and how different industries can keep up with the times. 

I'm represented by Peters Fraser + Dunlop for my speaking & broadcast work