Feature Writing & Editorial

I write across science, tech, culture, politics and business - here's a small selection

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Being Human - 2018

We’re too afraid of dying

Exasol - 2018

Should we Fear AI?

Being Human - 2018

The myth of ‘messing’ with biology

Being Human - 2018

Is the Fake Meat Industry Lacking in Creativity?

Being Human - 2018

Should Your Digital Self be Part of Your Job Interview?

Offscreen Mag - 2018

[Print] 'Unfoundered'


Branded Editorial

I specialise in technology and science insights and stories for brands looking to showcase work, share insights and have a strong editorial presence

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Ogilvy & Mather

The agency wanted to lead with editorial insight on their thought leadership platform, covering tech, brands, and trends.

Articles included, “How the CIA Predicts the Future”, “How Papua New Guinea is Disrupting Finance” and “Robots Stealing our Jobs - The Case for Basic Income”.


I write immersive scripts for 360° video content focusing on science and technology

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The Guardian 

Arctic 360° - 2017

View the experience here

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Siemens 360° App

Aurora Experience (file can be shared upon request)

Great Barrier Reef Experience (file can be shared upon request)